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The Centre facilities are used by:
  • Members of the community attending seminars, training sessions and private meetings;
  • Pensioners to collect their monthly payments; 
  • Alex Gospel Choirs Association, representing 24 different choirs in the Alexandra community and churches who use the main hall and other activity rooms every Sunday; 
  • Drama, music, aerobics, and ballroom dancing groups; 
  • Political organisations to present their manifestoes and to encourage debate on various political issues of the day; 

Or for:

  • Large group meetings on matters of importance to the community such as HIV/Aids and cancer awareness programmes, cultural events, theatre productions and a variety of purely 'fun' presentations;
  • Co-ordinating outreach programmes such as the HIV/Aids, sexuality, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse high school programme;
  • Various ad hoc training programmes providing people of all ages to advance their personal development;
  • Career guidance sessions and to encourage young people to focus on their abilities and aspirations as well as the importance of acquiring life-skills;
  • Tourism initiatives for Alexandra Township which have included assisting in the formation of the Alexandra Tourism Forum, the training of SATOUR-registered tourist guides, the drawing up of tourist routes. The future establishment of associated tourism-related industries in the fields of arts and crafts, refreshment venues and tourist memorabilia. 


Copyright: Alexsan Kopano Educational Trust and/or organisations and/or persons associated with Alexsan Kopano Educational Trust.
Page last updated: 10/11/2014 .

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