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The Alexsan Kopano Educational Trust has been in operation since 1990. Over the years it has been primarily involved in setting up multi-purpose centres and researching, coordinating and running projects that serve the local community. In addition it has supported National Government on a variety of task teams. Handled a national project for UNESCO and jointly set up the Gauteng Organisation of Community Arts and Culture Centres. With its initial origins in Alexandra the Trust now focuses on development projects within the Province of Gauteng.



The mission of the Alexsan Kopano Educational Trust is to assess the development needs of the communities in which it works and to plan, organise and implement initiatives to meet these needs in a way which embodies the principles of democracy, empowerment, self-reliance, sustainability and co-ordination of effort and resources.

Secondly, to share our experiences and assist in the development of similar projects both provincially and nationally.


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History of projects of The Alexsan Kopano Education Trust

  • Alexsan Resource Centre
  • Project Management and Facilitation such as:
    • Community Radio
    • Youth Projects
    • Computer Studios
    • Internet Caf√©
    • Library Programmes
  • Supporting Government on National Task Teams
  • UNESCO Project
  • Gauteng Organisation of Community Art & Culture Centres (GOMACC)
The Alexsan Kopano Educational Trust has given the management of the Alexsan Centre to the Alexsan Kopano Trust. The Alexsan Kopano Trust looks after the centre, the library and related projects; the Alexsan Kopano Educational Trust manages a variety of projects throughout the province under the National Facilitator (see Chairperson‚€™s report). 



The history of the organisation began in 1986 when community leaders came together with the objective that something needed to happen to bring the people of Alexandra together, 


The Alexsan Kopano Educational Trust is committed to community development and is involved in a range of services to the community throughout the Province of Gauteng. 



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